Atonement Theories Are For a Death Focused Religion

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I don’t subscribe to any atonement theories. (Summary of 7 Atonement Theories) Atonement theories tend to revolve around the death of Jesus as the central focus. They typically are attempts to answer the question, “What was accomplished by the death of Jesus on the cross?” This is the central question of a death focused religion that has as it’s central themes, the death of it’s central figure, and what happens to you when you’re dead. Jesus said God is not God of the dead, but of the living. I have no agreement that the point of the story is in death and at the cross. I think that’s the focus of a death focused religion, and by no means the focus of the stories told in the first four books included in what we call the New Testament. The reason why there are atonement theories is because it’s the attempt… Read moreAtonement Theories Are For a Death Focused Religion

The Ultimate History of Australia

In 1492, Atilla sailed the Ocean Blue Most Americans know almost nothing about Australia. I blame the American Public school system for that… And bad parents. HISTORY Australia has a long and storied history, that began when the Mongol Hordes pushed their way through Europe; raping, pillaging, and terrorizing. The invaders needed a way to get rid of all the undesirables – meaning Europeans – so they decided to ship them to the most inhospitable land imaginable. You just try to endure the scorching sun, bizarre wildlife, and the incessant bleating of “G’day!” See how long it takes before you scream in terror. Surely, Australia is Hell on Earth. Since they are sissies, most of the Europeans died. Many surrendered immediately and unconditionally to their shadows. PHYSIOLOGY Those who did survive evolved floppy ears, elongated snouts, and a detachable tail that can regenerate. The floppy ears were helpful in channeling… Read moreThe Ultimate History of Australia

Reading the Bible as Literature


My esteem for the text which we call “Holy Bible” is as high as my regard for literature, art, poetry, and music. Those things which convey a certain truth, beauty, and wisdom in a way that causes the need to turn inward and consider what is being presented. Hold Literature in High Esteem I often encounter something that is along the lines of claiming that if the Bible is not literal and historical, then it’s “just” another book. This is where my issue is. Why is there such a low view by Biblical literalists for literature? Why is there such a dim view of writings that self acknowledge as being metaphorical, allegorical, fictional, or opinion? I frequently notice statements that seem to imply that those who wrote the text were ignorant, and did not know how to properly explain things without attributing the unknown to supernatural phenomena. I suggest that… Read moreReading the Bible as Literature

What Makes a Functional Society?

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​”God is the abstraction of an idea by which we orient ourselves to create a functional society.” * Dr. Michael W. Jones If we accept this definition of God, even if only for the purpose of the intellectual exercise of it, then God is the abstraction of an idea, as opposed to an objective ontological singularity, meaning God is simply whatever idea you have abstracted. To simplify, God is the representation of the idea, and the idea is one “towards which we orient ourselves to create a functional society.” So the question is, what is the idea towards which we orient ourselves to create a functional society? The point of this exercise is to ask, What idea do we have that we think is the thing that creates a functional society? Law Orientation If we orient ourselves towards law, and the enforcement of the law as a means to create a… Read moreWhat Makes a Functional Society?