Reading the Bible as Literature


My esteem for the text which we call “Holy Bible” is as high as my regard for literature, art, poetry, and music. Those things which convey a certain truth, beauty, and wisdom in a way that causes the need to turn inward and consider what is being presented. Hold Literature in High Esteem I often encounter something that is along the lines of claiming that if the Bible is not literal and historical, then it’s “just” another book. This is where my issue is. Why is there such a low view by Biblical literalists for literature? Why is there such a dim view of writings that self acknowledge as being metaphorical, allegorical, fictional, or opinion? I frequently notice statements that seem to imply that those who wrote the text were ignorant, and did not know how to properly explain things without attributing the unknown to supernatural phenomena. I suggest that… Read moreReading the Bible as Literature

What Makes a Functional Society?

Moses Sculpture from GoranH on Pixabay

‚Äč”God is the abstraction of an idea by which we orient ourselves to create a functional society.” * Dr. Michael W. Jones If we accept this definition of God, even if only for the purpose of the intellectual exercise of it, then God is the abstraction of an idea, as opposed to an objective ontological singularity, meaning God is simply whatever idea you have abstracted. To simplify, God is the representation of the idea, and the idea is one “towards which we orient ourselves to create a functional society.” So the question is, what is the idea towards which we orient ourselves to create a functional society? The point of this exercise is to ask, What idea do we have that we think is the thing that creates a functional society? Law Orientation If we orient ourselves towards law, and the enforcement of the law as a means to create a… Read moreWhat Makes a Functional Society?

Trinity Is An Illustration

The concept of the Trinity is an illustration. It is not cosmic anatomy. This is why every single attempt to go beyond the illustration of Trinity into an explanation always results in something that is classified as an heresy. The Trinity is the expression of communion, harmony, being knit together in one accord as one being with singleness of heart. It is about many parts being intertwined and interdependent. It is about being incomplete without Com-Union (together in union). The whole is only whole when it includes all parts. The Trinity is an illustration that expresses Unity in Plurality as contrasted with: Division in Individuality (In-Divided-ality) aka Us Versus Them, or Separation in Singularity aka Me Versus the World. Trinity tells us that the Godhead is one God in three persons and is indivisible and singular. It is not merely one God expressed in three persons but one God expressed… Read moreTrinity Is An Illustration