There is No Crossless Gospel

I suppose this claim will automatically get me branded as promoting a “crossless gospel,” but my contention is that there is no such thing as a “crossless gospel”. It does not, nor can it exist. It’s a logical impossibility. The only way for there to be a “crossless gospel” is to uncrucify Christ. Since this is impossible, you cannot have a “crossless gospel.” It’s a ridiculous derisive term invented by what I call “Doctrinal Purity Turn-Or-Burn” cults. These are sects of Christianity where the key to being “saved,” whatever that means, is a strict adherence to any number of key doctrines. One sect says that you must know and believe that Jesus died for your sins, and another says you must know and believe that Jesus died for your sins AND that you can never lose your salvation. These are just two variants of the seemingly limitless number of varieties… Read moreThere is No Crossless Gospel

Hebrews 10:26 Proves Eternal Security

Hebrews 10:26 is frequently mischaracterized as proving that you can not be secure in your salvation. It is distorted to proclaim that you can lose your salvation. This is incorrect. It is actually proclaiming that salvation is a one time for all transaction. The book of Hebrews was written to proclaim that the Jerusalem temple sacrificial system is dead, because Christ is risen. The temple is dead, because the body of Christ is the true temple. The Levitical priesthood is dead, because Jesus is our eternal High Priest. The sacrificial system is dead because by one offering Jesus Christ made atonement for all sins for ever. By running through the entire Chapter 10 of the book of Hebrew we can see that the reason why there is no more sacrifice for sins is because the sacrifice made by Jesus worked, and you cease to offer sacrifices when the sin is… Read moreHebrews 10:26 Proves Eternal Security