Book of Hebrews In Depth Study

For an excellent in depth study of the Book of Hebrews, I recommend copying the following playlist and downloading all the linked audio files. The teachings are from Paul White Ministries, and I have taken the time to organize a playlist from the audio freely available from his website. This is a 30 hour detailed, verse by verse study on the Book of Hebrews. It is well worth the time to listen to the study and learn about the allure of returning to a familiar religion in the face of persecution. There will likely be many new understandings that you will receive from this set of teachings. All links will open in this window/tab unless you CTRL + Click to open in a new tab or SHIFT + Click to open in a new window or Right Click (long press on mobile) and select to open in new tab. 2_19_14_Hebrews:… Read moreBook of Hebrews In Depth Study