Reading the Bible as Literature


My esteem for the text which we call “Holy Bible” is as high as my regard for literature, art, poetry, and music. Those things which convey a certain truth, beauty, and wisdom in a way that causes the need to turn inward and consider what is being presented. Hold Literature in High Esteem I often encounter something that is along the lines of claiming that if the Bible is not literal and historical, then it’s “just” another book. This is where my issue is. Why is there such a low view by Biblical literalists for literature? Why is there such a dim view of writings that self acknowledge as being metaphorical, allegorical, fictional, or opinion? I frequently notice statements that seem to imply that those who wrote the text were ignorant, and did not know how to properly explain things without attributing the unknown to supernatural phenomena. I suggest that… Read moreReading the Bible as Literature

What Makes a Functional Society?

Moses Sculpture from GoranH on Pixabay

​”God is the abstraction of an idea by which we orient ourselves to create a functional society.” * Dr. Michael W. Jones If we accept this definition of God, even if only for the purpose of the intellectual exercise of it, then God is the abstraction of an idea, as opposed to an objective ontological singularity, meaning God is simply whatever idea you have abstracted. To simplify, God is the representation of the idea, and the idea is one “towards which we orient ourselves to create a functional society.” So the question is, what is the idea towards which we orient ourselves to create a functional society? The point of this exercise is to ask, What idea do we have that we think is the thing that creates a functional society? Law Orientation If we orient ourselves towards law, and the enforcement of the law as a means to create a… Read moreWhat Makes a Functional Society?

Book of Hebrews In Depth Study

For an excellent in depth study of the Book of Hebrews, I recommend copying the following playlist and downloading all the linked audio files. The teachings are from Paul White Ministries, and I have taken the time to organize a playlist from the audio freely available from his website. This is a 30 hour detailed, verse by verse study on the Book of Hebrews. It is well worth the time to listen to the study and learn about the allure of returning to a familiar religion in the face of persecution. There will likely be many new understandings that you will receive from this set of teachings. All links will open in this window/tab unless you CTRL + Click to open in a new tab or SHIFT + Click to open in a new window or Right Click (long press on mobile) and select to open in new tab. 2_19_14_Hebrews:… Read moreBook of Hebrews In Depth Study

Hebrews 10:26 Proves Eternal Security

Hebrews 10:26 is frequently mischaracterized as proving that you can not be secure in your salvation. It is distorted to proclaim that you can lose your salvation. This is incorrect. It is actually proclaiming that salvation is a one time for all transaction. The book of Hebrews was written to proclaim that the Jerusalem temple sacrificial system is dead, because Christ is risen. The temple is dead, because the body of Christ is the true temple. The Levitical priesthood is dead, because Jesus is our eternal High Priest. The sacrificial system is dead because by one offering Jesus Christ made atonement for all sins for ever. By running through the entire Chapter 10 of the book of Hebrew we can see that the reason why there is no more sacrifice for sins is because the sacrifice made by Jesus worked, and you cease to offer sacrifices when the sin is… Read moreHebrews 10:26 Proves Eternal Security